The Beauty of Removing Interference

Article By Dr. Felicia Stewart

The Azaleas weren’t blooming.

We have lived in our current house for several years and are slowly getting to all our let’s-get-to-that-one-day projects.  One of those projects was to attend to the lovely gardens of azaleas that rim the front lawn.   Though well established and fairly large, the azaleas exhibited only a paltry show of blooms each summer.  The problem was clear, they were inhibited by the same issue affecting the two huge willow oaks that tower over our two-story house in the front yard-ivy vines, lots and lots of ivy vines.

The Solution

The solution was simple and straightforward, we spent many an hour last year painstakingly removing the extensive network of ivy vines that was climbing the trunks of both trees and also had spread out over the years to cover the base and most of the individual branches of all the azalea bushes.  We carefully extricated every single azalea branch from the interference of the vines which had been choking off their ability to bloom.

It Worked

The difference this year was spectacular to behold.  The azaleas bloomed as we had never seen them do so before.  They put on a show of flowers that compelled us sit on the front porch and revel in the beauty of their display.  What a beautiful result from something as simple and powerful as removing the interference from their natural ability to express life.

It works in chiropractic too.

Which is what we do everyday in our offices.  We adjust vertebral subluxation giving opportunity for innate intelligence to respond and remove the interference thus beginning the restoration cycle.  This creates the best possible expression of life within the limitations of matter and the constraints of time.  Truly, as the saying goes, “Nature needs no help, just no interference.”

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  1. So, I had the same issue with my Azaleas. I cleaned out the ivy (after reading this blog) and I am expecting a beautiful bloom in the spring! 🙂

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