Outside-In Intelligence

Article By Dr. Felicia Stewart

Over a decade of design advances have happened since I have last been in the car market. Many of those advances are now standard safety features that grace most models, from blind-spot indicators to lane drift correction and auto braking. While most of those safety features have not had an option to disengage them, more recently, they do. As I talked to friends with newer cars, it became evident why certain safety features had become optional.

Outside-In Intelligence has its Limitations

One friend relayed that she had almost been in an accident three times due to the auto-braking. It’s great for when someone cuts in front of you on the highway, but not so great when dealing with a tailgater at the same time. Another told of an incident where a car got stuck at a railroad crossing because a sensor saw the height rise of the track and track base as something too high to drive over and therefore would not move forward. They had to back up, turn around, and take another route.

Life is Self-Organizing

If we apply the above to a living organism such as ourselves, it would represent one of the two ways of looking at the management of the matter of the body. We can recognize that life is self-organizing and has the ability to manage itself from the inside out, or, try we can to micromanage the matter of the body from the outside in. As chiropractors, we recognize life as being self-organizing, self-creating, self-maintaining, self-evolving, and self-adapting.

50 Trillion Plus Cells

To keep the matter of the body in active organization, innate must be aware of all the matter of the body so that its ideation will result in the best adaptive response for the next moment in time; and it is, by way of general sense and special sense. Looking at this level of management of the matter of the body from the outside in is beyond daunting, it’s impossible with our educated intelligence alone. This is the limitation of an outside in approach. This is why the auto-braking works well when only things out front are considered, but it fails when things get more complicated, as in the case of the tailgater. That is why our interest is in removing interferences to the forces created by innate so that innate may keep the matter of the body in active organization from the inside out (ADIO).

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  1. Outside- in intelligence isn’t inherently bad. The issue is when you try to over run the innate intelligence of the body with your outside-in intelligence. That is when we get into trouble.

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