Let’s Get Together

Article By Dr. Felicia Stewart

We really do need each other. Chiropractors benefit when they join together with other chiropractors of like mind. Certainly, in PSCA membership, there are numerous benefits in belonging to an organization centered, from a vitalistic perspective, on the correction of vertebral subluxation. There is one benefit, though, that many chiropractors do not take advantage of, and that is literally getting together with other chiropractors. Seminars provide an opportunity for this to be sure, and we encourage all our members and the chiropractic community at large to join us at all of our seminars. Beyond attending seminars in person, there is a tremendous gain in spending time with other chiropractors.

Building Relationships

Getting together with others in person builds relationships the way nothing else can. When we get to know each other as individuals, we are much more likely to reach out for help and advice. We need mentors at every stage and every situation we experience in practice. We may think that only those starting out in practice need mentors but it is invaluable at any stage or change of circumstance. Connecting personally with others can help us to navigate converting to a cash practice, how to balance professional and family life, who will step up and help out after a personal tragedy, how to bring in a practice partner, and how to step down slowly into retirement are just a few examples.


Another benefit of more personal interaction is that it reinforces our commitment to our vitalistic approach. We have greater confidence in our chiropractic journey when we build and maintain relationships with others on this same path. We know that others are doing as we are. We are part of a larger known community.

Increased Cooperation

One of the best benefits is that it decreases competition and increases cooperation. The beauty of our vitalistic approach is that we are not all chasing around the same few car accident cases, our vision is much different and much bigger. There are 7.85 billion of us on this beautiful globe we call home. Every person on Earth needs to have the opportunity to get their spine checked for subluxation and quite frankly, there aren’t enough chiropractors to go around. We need to work together to bring this vision to fruition.

Your Home – The PSCA

Thankfully, the PSCA provides ample opportunity for members to build personal relationships. Every other month there is an Ignite meeting somewhere in the state where we gather together to share a meal and fellowship and discuss issues members request. Friendships are formed and strengthened and everyone leaves feeling energized and connected. We also hold a larger holiday get-together in December where we enjoy each other’s company amidst good food and good conversation. Please check the website for next upcoming opportunity to connect in person with the other PSCA members who are with you on this chiropractic journey.

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