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Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations. We include the adjective of vertebral because we recognize the unique anatomical relationship between the nerves and spinal column (Principle 31). A vertebrate can experience vertebral subluxation, a sea sponge cannot. And “when a vertebra is subluxated, and Innate cannot get her forces through, to put it back to its normal position, the application of outside forces is necessary.” (Stephenson Art. 376) Simply put, those with a spine must be adjusted, when needed, in order to best express life.

Is it just the human spine?

When we think of the spine professionally, we most often assume that we are exclusively considering the human spine, but chiropractic philosophy does not. Our philosophy is clear that innate intelligence operates in all living things and that would include, of course, all living things with an articulated spine protecting the spinal cord and nerve roots. And if it has a spine, that spine can subluxate. Which brings us to the subject of animals.

Animals need chiropractic care too.

They are capable of subluxating and subluxation interferes with their expression of life. Chiropractic care of animals is congruent with our philosophy. Like us, they need to be checked for the indicators of subluxation, but adjusted only when those indicators are present. An animal being checked does “believe” in the chiropractor and thus the benefit reaped is not due to any preconceived opinion of the chiropractor or their care. It is because chiropractic works in removing interference. Incorporating animal adjusting in a practice also helps the human patients to “catch the big idea” as they observe that living things are better off without subluxations.

Finally, including chiropractic care for animals into your practice is just, well, delightful. The animals we love and care for deserve to be checked for subluxation. They enjoy the experience and both the animal and the people who love and care for them benefit from their subluxation free expression of life.

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  1. Yes! Animals need chiropractic too. They have innate intelligence and they have a nervous system as well as a spine. Granted the anatomy is different, but the issues are the same.

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