Chiropractic for Everyone

Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations. We include the adjective of vertebral because we recognize the unique anatomical relationship between the nerves and spinal column (Principle 31).

Put Philosophers to Work!

Chiropractic philosophy is the basis for the “why” of what we do as chiropractors. We (hopefully) study chiropractic philosophy in chiropractic college and if not, many chiropractors found a way to learn it on their own from reading the green books, books by modern chiropractic philosophers, seminars, or small study groups.

The Beauty of Removing Interference

The Azaleas weren’t blooming. We have lived in our current house for several years and are slowly getting to all our let’s-get-to-that-one-day projects.  One of those projects was to attend to the lovely gardens of azaleas that rim the front lawn.   Though well established and fairly large, the azaleas exhibited only a paltry show […]

Freedoms, Constraints and State Organizations

In chiropractic, every chiropractor, organization and college shares a similar set of freedoms and constraints.  The freedoms give all three the opportunity to define chiropractic and act upon that definition as they practice it, teach it or support it.  The constraints, on the other hand, imposed on all three from outside sources, limit the expression […]