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Our Core Values

The Palmetto State Chiropractic Association promotes locating, analyzing, and correcting vertebral subluxation guided by the following
4 Core Values.

Philosophy of Chiropractic

The PSCA is committed to teaching and examining the core philosophies of Chiropractic and to the development of the profession from a philosophical reference.

The PSCA continues to lead the Southeast in presenting continuing philosophical gatherings to share, explore, and examine our historical philosophy and how it impacts us today as a profession.

Science of Chiropractic

The PSCA continues its strong history of supporting research, publication of research, and presentation of scientific studies.

The PSCA contributes to the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS) and Sherman College’s International Research And Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) and is dedicated to promoting the examination of chiropractic research.

Art of Chiropractic

The PSCA recognizes that the ART of Chiropractic is a very personal expression of one’s physical, mental and philosophical status.

No two chiropractors can assess the spine and then deliver the adjustive thrust in perfectly identical ways, even when practicing the same technique. We respect, honor, and protect that right for diversity.

Business of Chiropractic

The PSCA is committed to providing training and partnerships with business support services.

The PSCA recognizes the need for all chiropractors to have good business training and practice. Our profession survives on the successful completion of daily business procedures and practices. 

Why Choose Us?

Grow with a chiropractic association created by dedicated chiropractors with decades of experience and research!

International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations Affiliate Association.

Many of our leaders are teaching in Chiropractic Colleges​

Representative at SC Board of Examiners meetings.

Wide variety of successful practice styles, business models, techniques within the organization.​

Founded in 1994 and growing.

Multiple advanced degrees and certifications within the organization.​

"The adjustment of the subluxation to release pressure upon nerves, to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world."

- B.J. Palmer


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1. We promise to provide you access to the CE credits you need based on subluxation-centered chiropractic.
2. We will help protect your way of practicing by providing legislative oversight at the state level.

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